• Never cut more than one third of the length in one mow. (If grass is too long, mow half the height now and the rest in a day or two)
  • Keep your mowing blades sharp and your blade height around 2 ½ – 3 inches
  • It is not necessary to remove clippings if you follow the one third rule
  • Changing the direction you cut each time will keep coarse grasses under control and ensure an even surface
  • Raising the mower ½” during hot weather will improve drought resistance


  • Most lawns require 1” of water a week during the summer months
  • One heavy water a week is better than daily sprinkling (several small watering encourage shallow roots which increases the chance of burn during hot spells)
  • The best time to water is in the morning or early afternoon as watering at night increases the chance of fungus developing


  • Fertilize two to four times a year for best results
  • Apply half of the required fertilizer in one direction on the lawn (i.e. north/south) then apply the remaining fertilizer across the lawn (i.e. east/west). This will help to provide even coverage and prevent streaking from missed spots and overlap
  • Use 5-7lbs of fertilizer per 1000 Sq. Ft. of lawn
  • The correct amount of fertilizer must be applied to avoid burning the lawn
  • Contact Unity Sod to determine the best mix of fertilizer as there are many different ratios. All fertilizers use a three number rating system (Ex. 25-5-15). The first number represents the percent of Nitrogen (produces lush, tender green blades), the second Phosphorous (Stimulates root growth) and the third Potassium (Helps the plant resist disease and tolerate extreme weather conditions).